Manox,Kermit Erasmus sinks CF Mounana

Manox,Kermit Erasmus sinks CF Mounana
Image by Philly Sebola

Image by Philly Sebola

A hat trick by the short Orlando Pirates striker was good enough to send the visitors packing out of the CAF Confederation Cup. As if the 1st round 2 goals were not enough for the Buccaneers, the hosts took tonight’s game to the next level much to the jubilation of their supporters. The stadium may not have been full (the weak point our local teams are struggling with)but the few that were at the historic Orlando stadium enjoyed to the fullest. One wonders as to why the South African based team conceded 2 away goal. Mounana looked weak on all angels.

Manox ‘wa le bhakhaniya’ Maobane is one happy fan who could not stop celebrating after the game. ‘I am very happy tonight, I think the guys went all out with the intention to send the message to the fellow Africa teams that South Africa is all blessed with football talent. They played a very good football, everyone gave it their all, I’m so excited, their teamwork is out of this world. I mean 2 goals away and 3 at home, that’s a bonus for as supporters, we enjoy watching goals beings scored. I’m very much excited about it’.

When we asked her about their performance in the PSL, she said, ‘I think so far we are really doing well, we are not doing that bad in the PSL, though we are not taking the league this season, the league is already gone but a very good performance by the boys. It’d be nice if they could transfer the style of play into the PSL, I mean we saw even in the last game against Supersport United, they were so hungry for victory that they are starting to make scoring goals a habit, they really did well, we are on. We are taking this excitement to the last 2 games of the league, come next season, we are gonna start it with a bang. This is an all new Orlando Pirates team, I’m looking forward to the new 2015/2016 Season. We are going to crack a whip’. Manox is a die-hard buccaneer who supports her team through thick and thin.

Article: Philly Sebola

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  1. Siame  05/05/2015 at 4:26 am

    Well done Sea Robbers. As a Chiefs fan, I have nothing against you and I wish you well in the ‘tasks’ that lie ahead of us. You keep on putting Mzansi on the world map…

  2. Touchline Expert  05/05/2015 at 5:17 am

    The two away goals gave us an upperhand on the second round, and you could see players were ready for the kill.They stamped authority as soon as they entered the field, and they knew how important it was to take this encounter home…

    We were solid in the park, with Sarr playing as a deep-lying Volante, and winning the aerial duels (64/110 Aerial Rule), and Manyisa bringing the flair in the park, while right sided midfielder Myeni delivered those laser passes,there was nothing Mounana could do…

    The hat trick from Kermit I think has brought more confidence, the last goal in the second stanza was enough to book OP in the group stage.

    Mounana, didn’t play well,players like Massanba, Ness,Ovedrango and Guedegbe struggled to cut the supply from our room, and they couldn’t find the key to lock that engine room, and they saw one high way to Orlando Village, and they knew its the end of the road.

    On Psl , I think we started at a low pace, and given our participation in CAF, we had to catch up with our games,and we knew the pressure we would face when other teams were playing and collecting points, it was going to be difficult to play at CAF and PSL, and we have seen the fatique of the players as the league progressed, and losing games we shouldn’t have lost,and yes, despite that,i think we were enable to meet the challenges, and so far so good, next year we will be better prepared….ONCE and ALWAYS

  3. snare mokgonyana  05/05/2015 at 8:19 am

    So far OP looks like the only team that hold SA flag up high when coming to SA teams versus other AFRICAN teams. I am a KC supporter BUT I say big up to the Buccaneers for making SA proud n shine. And yes Manox is indeed a die hard Bucs supporter.Lol

  4. Kabelo Malete  05/05/2015 at 8:24 am

    I’m also pleased with our team’s scoring habit and the fact that they are taking African tournament very serious. I also would like to encourage them to go all out to win the first league game as we have struggled to do that in the past two if not three seasons.
    We have a good team and our boys have got a great fighting spirit and that we saw in a league encounter against supersport United when they went to win that game with 4 goals.
    We are still happy people and this is the time we start to proudly announce that we are indeed happy people.

  5. Nigel mkosana  05/05/2015 at 8:30 am

    We are all proud of the boys.I share the same sentiments as my freind,sister Manox .Bhakhajuju ……

  6. Thobsie  05/05/2015 at 8:39 am

    Well done Bhakajuju.UP THE BUCKS!!#Manox 🙂

  7. Ndosi  05/05/2015 at 8:44 am

    Big ups for Orlando Pirates for being the only South African Team to qualify for the next round of the CONFED cup, despite the fact that they were two goals down to zero in the first leg. They came from behind and played a well deserve draw!!!Conrats to Kermit for his hattrick!!! Congrats to you as well Manox, you are indeed a die hard supporter NOT A FAN BUT A real supporter by heart, soul and everything!!!!To all supporters of other teams, let us rally behind Orlando Pirates because they represent South Africa. Let’s wait for the draw today to see who our opponents will be because I believe it will defenately be one of the big guns of Africa but Bring them on!!!!!

  8. wadzanai  05/05/2015 at 8:51 am

    This is a fan who knows exactly what she is talking about,Manox is friends with a friend of mine and she never misses a pirates game #dedicatedfan

  9. Lunga  05/05/2015 at 8:54 am

    Die hard supporter, Manox, Bucks is coming to the City of Choice. You wouldn’t dare come down coz your boys will be ‘slapped so hard their Man boobs will concave!!'(borrowed from movie Pitch Perfect)
    Come down to Pmb.

  10. Sina Medingwane  05/05/2015 at 9:05 am

    You go girl…UP THE BUCS… woop woop!!!

  11. chris rubzy  05/05/2015 at 9:11 am

    indeed the performance of the boys give the supporters confidence to rise the buccaneer flag despite losing the psl title

  12. Martin Ntwaeaborwa  05/05/2015 at 9:15 am

    I cannot think of a better way to say it, ’cause you have said it all Manox. The way you have said it is a true reflection of a person who was born to be a buccanneer and will always be a buccaneer, just like me.

  13. Nzwere  05/05/2015 at 10:19 am

    I agree 100% with Manox. The type of football that we are playing is so exciting. I wish VV was never part of the Bucs family because he is the one who slowed us down. I think Tinkler deserves a chance with us. Ke EO taba……

  14. Mokgehle Willilam Wisbar  05/05/2015 at 3:33 pm

    Well said, Manox-wa-le-bhakhaniya
    I salute your remarks

  15. Manox Wa Le-Bhakaniya  06/05/2015 at 9:38 am

    Nice article,big ups!!!

    My skin is BLACK,My blood is RED and My bones are WHITE.I was born a Bhakaniya.

    Next is Guinean AS Kaloum,We are going to Erusmatize them.


  16. Shimza  06/05/2015 at 11:58 am

    Kudus to the overall team work,tactical awareness and clinical finish by Kermit. Bucs always does well in these type of competitions primarily because of their winning mentality when it matters. The next stage/2nd round will be crucial, for me that’s where the real competition at the highest level starts…the team has to navigate through Al Ahly, Raja Casablanca etc. which augers well for this current crop of players and PSL at large. As a Mamelodi Sundowns supporter and South African football fanatic, I wish them well in their conquest.

  17. Mohamed  08/05/2015 at 7:57 pm

    Champions keep playing until they get it right. all the best


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