It has been an eventful 10 years, Khoza

PSL Chairman Dr Irvin Khoza has wished all the teams the best of luck. The Chairman thanked Nedbank for their genuine commitment to football while also stating that the sponsorship of the tournament has been a game-changer for the local game.

“It’s a great feeling to be part of a historic occasion where we prolong the marriage between the PSL and Nedbank. It has been an eventful 10 years. Nedbank understands that football is about giving everyone an opportunity in this country to see things differently, but more importantly, when they came in with an education drive to turn the country green, it was one of those experiences that made me understand the value of nature.”

Dr Khoza added: “In the last 10 years of our partnership, the most memorable experience for me was when Mike Brown (Nedbank Group CEO) stood up and encouraged all of us in the country – to see money differently. This is also my message to players and the football fraternity.”

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