Oscar Tabarez, We can be very proud, keep their heads high

In the opening moments, Uruguay have created some tough moments for France’s defensive line. They’ve looked to use the speed of Lucas Torreira and Luis Suarez in an effort to counter-attack and surprise the French back-line.

“For a country like Uruguay, you feel [bad about the defeat], with our history, of course you do. But now we need to move on. There are many countries who belong to the footballing elite who left this tournament much earlier.

“Only those that don’t do anything, don’t make mistakes. I told all my players after the match that they can be very proud, keep their heads high. I don’t have anything bad to say against them. We all saw that it was not a very common goal, but Muslera has been a very important pillar in all our work up until now.” Oscar Tabarez, Uruguay coach.

Oscar Tabarez‘s 20th World Cup match as coach of Uruguay, taking him fourth on the all-time list of matches in charge of a team at the World Cup (alongside Bora Milutinovic and Mario Zagallo)


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