G13: Winners Nacka allowed no revenge

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Both Swedish team Nacka FC and German team Hamburger Sport Verein (HSV) had a big following on Gamla Ullevi for the final in the G13 category, but it proved to matter the most for Nacka, who took the victory with just one goal separating the teams.

The teams had already met in the group stages, where Nacka beat HSV with to 2–0,  with both goals scored by Ellen Wangerheim. That was HSV’s only loss on their road to the final, and maybe gave them extra motivation to leave the match as winner.

HSV started out with a flow to their attack, coming both on the sides and in the middle while passing short one touch passes.

Nacka on the other hand, tried to change sides fast with longer thorugh balls, some of which the HSV defense had trouble with.

With a few minutes left of the first half, Ellen Wangerheim struck again and scored her third goal against HSV in this tournament, and the only goal of this match.

While the third placed teams got their bronze medals, HSV tried to muster their strength and were ready to play the second half several minutes before Nacka lined up.

The German team tried to close down the Nacka defense and win the ball high up the pitch, but it was Nacka who continued to create the more dangerous chances.

Nacka didn’t park the bus in order to wait for the final whistle – instead they tried for 2-0. That gave an exciting end to the game, as HSV desperately attacked. An equalizer was close as they got two corners in a row with 30 seconds to go, but Nacka managed to keep them away.

And even though that meant a silver for the HSV team, they still looked a bit pleased while receiving their medals to the praise of Gamla Ullevi’s audience.

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