Steve Kompela: There are Sharsk at PSL

Coach Stevie Komphela compared the PSL to a rough sea and both Chiefs and Pirates are sharks and they are yet again facing another great white shark in the likes of Sundowns.

“First of all I am happy with last night’s results against Santos, it’s a good motivation ahead of the Sundowns match and I hope that momentum from the past two matches can keep us through,” said Komphela.

Komphela cited that they will go to Saturday’s match with a lot of humanity but will go and fight for a place in the final.


“Our strategy is simple we stick to the programme no matter what happens. I heard my counterpart complaining about not enough time to prepare for the match, keep in mind we just flew from Cape Town and it’s good that they will still find us hot and once again we hope the momentum can carry us to the next round,” explained Komphela.

Komphela further stated that with both teams playing good football and having an outside chance of winning the title people will be treated with good football and the value for their money.

“We acknowledge that few of their key players are out due to various reasons. This plays no part as we need to remain humble and respect those that will take part on the day, and yes we have beaten the two top teams at their own backyard but it’s not given that we will win this one as well. We still need to work hard for a win,” concluded Komphela.

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