Exciting Q-Innovation for the Absa Premiership

There will be a prize of R1.5 million for the teams that finish the different quarters at the top. This is over and above the R10 million prize for the overall ABSA Premiership League winner. The prize money for the winner of the ABSA Premiership and the four Quarters is R16 million.

The greatest benefit from this innovation is how it makes every game count – every single one of the 240 ABSA Premiership games. It migrates the conversation from ‘just my club’s games’ to ‘every game played’.

Scenarios like, “How is the club that is an equal contender for the top spot against us is going to fare against the team we just drew against today or yesterday”, creates an across the board interest in all the games of the league in real time.

It is like watching games on a split screen, all with a bearing on each other.

I am describing this conversation in singular and not plural although there are millions of supporters and fans conversing. I deliberately did not call it conversations because although millions are conversing, they are conversing about different aspects of the same topic. It is this convergence in conversation that this innovation seeks to consolidate.

This conversation happens in your different media platforms. The millions of supporters and fans consume their soccer through your reports and broadcasts.

It is through your observations, words and images that the excitement and conversation are fuelled. Your words and images – written, heard and seen.

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