Kirsten Nematandane and and crew are back at SAFA

This meeting was followed by a briefing to the Honourable Minister of Sport and Recreation, Mr Fikile Mbalula, where the NEC outlined to the Minister the proposed course of action to be followed in light of the report.

Given the significance of the findings of the FIFA investigators, the investigation process that follows must be procedurally fair and sound to ensure firm outcomes.  Therefore, the NEC took a number of critical decisions:

1. To refer the match fixing report in its entirety (including requesting additional information from FIFA where necessary) to the appropriate SAFA Standing Committees for analysis, action and appropriate recommendations to the NEC at its next meeting.

2. Refer all decisions in respect of the match-fixing matter for processing by the appropriate bodies. In this regard, the CEO will address all staffing matter and the NEC will process matters concerning the CEO and any other NEC Members.

3. To ensure appropriate resources are apportioned to the tribunal that will be set up and in this regard work closely with government as communicated by the Minister.

These decisions will ensure that the process moves forward properly and speedily and allow due process in dealing with all parties concerned.

In taking these decisions, the NEC is cognisant of the fact that it is also important for the Association to allow proper due process for all those implicated in the report.  It is also clear, the NEC affirmed, that it is not possible, without further rigorous investigation, to assign guilt or to exonerate any of those named in the report.

The President of SAFA, Mr Kirsten Nematandani, stated that: “We are determined to ensure that this report receives the critical attention that it deserves and that anyone found to have transgressed will be fully prosecuted, both in terms of FIFA and SAFA codes of conduct, as well as through the criminal justice system, if necessary.  It is critical that the integrity of the sport must be without question.”

Acting CEO, Dennis Mumble, stated that, “as the Accounting Officer of the Association I will ensure that we provide all the operational support necessary to ensure that those who have committed any wrongdoing are appropriately disciplined.  I too will continue to cooperate fully with any investigation into these matters, so that all details can be uncovered.”

Article: Nicholas Munzhedzi

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