Stuart Baxter will share the stage with Pitso Mosemane

Baxter highlighted key elements that will influence Chiefs approach towards the game; “The game against Sundowns is going to be difficult. To us it’s all about the next game, what happened in the past has got little influence in the upcoming encounter. Under Pitso (Mosimane), Sundowns have done well to move from the bottom of the table after a slow start to the season. Pressure has to go out of the window in order for us to give a good performance on the day. If you ask me, it is better to have pressure at the top than at the bottom – at the bottom it can be worse.”

When asked about the National Team players, Baxter was hesitant to make a call, “It is a difficult one to call. There is the element of fatigue and to decide who to rest and who to play will be advised by scientific analysis. Whether we rest them all or play them all is difficult but either way we will give a good performance.

There was a moment of laughter during the proceedings, when Baxter answered the suggestion that ‘what goes up must come down’, referring to Chiefs top position on the log, Baxter dismissed that connotation; “I am 59 years old today and do not expect to be 57 years tomorrow. Our actions will determine the performance here and now – not in the past.”

On the Window Period, Baxter made it clear that the top clubs around the world ‘monitor the market and not double the market’, and he further explained the Chiefs scenario.

“It is also a difficult one for Clubs around the world, if you bring new players at this stage of the league, chances are you will damage the harmony in the team especially if you are occupying the top of the log, you have to make the right decisions.”

We have only Abia Nale who requested to be released in order to gain game time after he couldn’t affirm his regular place in the line-up – he felt strongly that perhaps it will work for him if he joined another team – but he remains a Chiefs player as we loaned him out to Ajax for the rest of this season. Morgan Gould has returned to training, he is under recovery management of returning him to match fitness – probably within the next month or so he will return to action.”


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