Patrick Vieira: We are so greatful to be honouring Nelson Mandela as a football Club

Two games will be played against top PSL Clubs, the second taking place on Mandela Day, 18th July.   To recognise this the organisers, Matchworld, have collaborated with Africa Rising and Manchester City to get the world to understand the concept ‘67 minutes for Madiba’, the ethical framework being “Service to one’s fellow human”.               

Representing Manchester City at the launch was Patrick Vieira, Football Development Executive for Manchester City Football Club.  Patrick had an illustrious career at AS Cannes, AC Milan, Arsenal, Juventus, Inter Milan and Manchester City before moving in to an executive role at City on his retirement. He has won 9 league titles and 5 FA Cups. He also represented his country, France, 107 times and won the 1998 FIFA World Cup when he received France’s highest award, the Legion d’Honneur in 1998 and the UEFA European Championship 2000 for the French national team.

“South Africa is one of my favourite countries,” said Vieira.  “I spent a lot of time here during the 2010 FIFA World Cup and was thrilled when Manchester City tasked me to come over and launch the South African leg of our upcoming Tour.  Mandela is one of my heroes and to be part of Mandela Day will be an honour.”

The South African ‘Football Invitational in support of Mandela Day’ kicked-off in the same period last year when Manchester United played Amazulu.  “We are pleased that Manchester City has included South Africa in their pre-season Tour and help us promote Mandela Day.  We are continuing from where we left off last year and give all South Africans a chance to see another great team in action,” said Lyndon Barends, Executive Chairman, Matchworld.




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