Lucky Lekgwathi: We have the responsibility to win our home games

I must say that the squad will go in to Saturday’s match well prepared – our physical condition has improved since we came back to training and it was good to see how the team is quickly getting into top shape again.


I am glad to have heard that our injured players should be back soon to help the team. Playing without them has been a challenge as at times we need some sort of experience to help us win matches.


Our sights are set on getting nothing but maximum points against United as we will be playing at home. It is now the second round of the season and for this reason winning at home is compulsory.


This will in no ways put us under pressure – we have the responsibility to win our home games as we are among the title contenders in the PSL; so, winning this first match against United will be a good motivation for the side.


Last week we had a friendly match against Black Leopards and we lost that match; I do not want people to read too much in to that result because we are preparing for the upcoming matches and we are doing well so far.


We also lost to United FC yesterday in Mayfair, but that is just part of a training session. It is of course not good to lose but in the end, in a practice match, when you lose, u know there are things you need to improve on and I am sure the technical team will help us rectify our mistakes so that we are a better team going forward.


Manchester City came to South Africa last year for a tour and they were beaten by SuperSport United. Now, they are according to pundits, one of the deadliest teams in Europe, so, we cannot read too much into their form at training or friendly matches. It is a totally different thing.


We have two more sessions to go before the important match against United and I hope that we will be in top shape to face them in Orlando as we look to get nothing but three points when we host them.


I am extremely happy also to know that some of our injured players will be back in action soon.


In the last round of this competition we will need a big squad. Now it is crunch time whereby players will be extra motivated to help their teams avoid relegation or win the championship.


Like I said, everything on our side is going okay – we need points on Saturday and this is what we will be playing for.

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