The Samba Kings to lock horns with their 2010 World Cup predecessors

 All that done and dustedthe Bafana should  brace themselves as they will be welcoming the Samba Kings in the South African shores to showcase the art of flair and compelling football which the SAFA’s head of Communications, Dominic Chimhavi attributes the inspiration behind this visit to S.A to the healthy relationship they have with their 2014 World Cup successors.  “Our relationship with Brazil goes back a long way (in that) we have a great relationship with Brazil. The fact that we hosted the 2010 World Cup and now we ‘ve handed the 2014 World Cup tournament to them to host these are things that inspired the Brazilians to come and share their football experience with S.A.”

The Samba Kings last descent to South African shores was during the 2010 World Cup tournament, prior to that they whisked away with a 2009 Confed Cup title in S.A.  when they continued defending the title in their native Brazil in 2013 Confederation title. To emerge with a victory against Brazil it has been mountainous ride for S.A.even to 1996 class to many South Africans this would have been perceived as the only chance for S.A to prevail against Brazil however Chimhavi contradicts entirely,” Winning is not an issue but to build a better Bafana Bafana that would compete with any team in the world. We want to see being ranked 3rd in the world and 2nd in Africa regardless of how we’ve been playing. Winning is not a priority”

 According to Chimhavi the 2nd or 3rd of March would see the Brazilian team descending to S.A. with cream del la crème team which predominantly comprises of the mostly exulted players plying their trade in the worldly highly regarded clubs internationally, in the likes of Neymar, Hulk , Dante to mention but a few. The Brazilians are expected to demonstrate their highly technical and tactical competency of football that they also expected to dish in the upcoming World Cup tournament. While Bafana is expected to portray the tactical competence and astute they’ve showcased against Spain in order to prevail against Brazil for the first time after so many years in history.

Playing and be in an encounter with the world’s best teams isn’t something unfamiliar for S.A. team they’ve recently played against world’sno. 1 ranked in Spain. They’ve  been in contention with well-known crop of talented players of Ivory Coast for 2011 Mandela Cup and have been in battle with the Black stars of Ghana where they emergedwith 1-0 victory in 2010.



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