Colombian Striker James Rodriguez hope to cause an upset against the host Brazil

The Barça forward has, so far, matched those expectations with four goals at Brazil 2014, along with a crucial penalty in his side’s shootout victory against Chile, as the hosts have reached the quarter-finals. James Rodriguez is another name on everyone’s lips at the moment, with the Colombia No10 creating headlines with his outstanding performances […]

Silva: Brazilian emotion is positive

“I think we are good psychologically. We are doing what we love to do,” the Paris Saint-Germain defender said on Thursday. “There was a lot of pressure to win that match so we know we had to give all we had, but when you do things with a lot of will and desire there is […]

Schurrle:Focused on the next hammer blow

And the man who claims he has “learned a lot” from Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, knows that “against France we’ve got to perform better. We’ve just got to concentrate and play well. If we can do that, we can beat the French too,” he told FIFA emphatically. To date, Schurrle has only played a supporting […]