Millicent Modipane, We will retain our Title

Millicent Modipane, We will retain our Title
Philly Sebola

Philly Sebola

It was clear from the beginning of the game that the hosts meant business when they slotted in an early goal, hoping to destroy the visitors with their ruthless attacking force. The host were ready for war as they stabilized the most expensive squad in the PSL with their young squad, most of whom are not experienced.

Khompela’s boys came to Pretoria with more fire to compete against the reigning PSL Champions, without fear or favour. The youngsters from Kwa Zulu Natal, in Maritzburg, United were hungrier to cement their positions in the young squad under the leadership of one prominent coach, Khompela.

Though Sundowns drew blood in the first few minutes of the game,  the visitors never lost hope which resulted in a late equalizing goal via a penalty to share the spoil.

The host supporters were not happy with the results however they are optimistic that their team will sooner than later make them happy once again. One of the seasoned female supporters, Millicent Modipane, lamented her disappointed about the results, which she did not expect from her beloved team. ‘Yes, I am disappointed however it’s the first game after a long interval.

They are a bit rusty but I still believe they will return very soon. I love Sundowns and I know we do have competition and every team wants to beat us because we are the Champions. I want to remind my fellow supporters out there that we will defend our league,  we will retain here in Pretoria where it belongs’. Millicent Modipane

The former Bafana Bafana players and coaches showed that local coaches can do it in the PSL. They congratulated each other after the game to show unity in sports in spite of the competition they have against each other. Both of them wanted maximum points however an early goal as well as the late goal in both halves resulted in a draw which the hosts were not happy about.

The PSL games have begun,  the question is,  ‘who wants it more? The other games will proceed on Saturday and Sunday as the battle for the ABSA Trophy continues.

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