Cellular Maake remembers John Shoes Moshoeu

Cellular Maake remembers John Shoes Moshoeu
Philly Sebola

Philly Sebola

The number One Football supporter Freddie Saddam Maake was a close friend of the late Shoes. They were so close that even his son Cellular started to identify himself with Shoes such that other players did not exist except for the late football magician. He  grew up admiring Shoes and he was lucky because his father helped him to meet with the legend himself.

It was a sombre moment for Junior Saddam when he heard about the sad news of passing on of one of his great players.

‘The passing of Shoes has brought a devastating situation not only to the family of Moshoeu, but to the whole country… With how I know Shoes, it has been great story that also made him as one of my favorite players.
I remember while I was at primary school, I’d want to play as a striker cause I wanted to be like him and score goals like him, kids at school will cheer the name of Shoes while I touch the ball or score.
That also made me famous at school cause I idolize his doings.

I’ve meet Shoes some couple of times, and ofcouse what people say about him is true, he was very humble, cool, loves to laugh also had good jokes. I’d hear him while he talks with my father that he was  a great man.
It was truly shocking to hear the news about him passing away, he has been a hero, idol, legend and an image to our country and also football fraternity in our country too. We morn his passing by celebrating his success of life and the doings he done to his family also.

I believe in the near future we will be able to recognize him as the 1995 Africa Cup champion also with the League Double of Kaizer Chiefs.

Also believing that the future will learn from him and be great like him.
The thing also is that we all never had a opportunity to send the good byes and also tell him to say ‘Hi’ to the late Ntshweleng, Manyatela, Shakes, Henyekane brothers, Ntuka, Meyiwa and others of this country.

I send the condolences to his family, football fraternity and the close friends he had who kept him busy’. Cellular Maake is a young up and coming football supporter who is guided by his father Saddam.

Philly Sebola.

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