Struggling Moroka Swallows eventually collect maximum points

Struggling Moroka Swallows eventually collect maximum points
Philly Sebola

Philly Sebola

An early  goal by  for the hosts was good enough for them to collect 3 valuable points on their verge to retain their elite league status. Swallows supporters were so happy like it was the last game of the league, in which they secured a PSL status. We caught up with one of The Birds supporters after the game.

‘First thing first, I want to tell you that we are not going anywhere,  PSL is our home, we do not belong in the NFD. My brother,  Moroka Swallows is not a small team, we cannot afford to have a team of Birds calibre to move out because it is very cold down there. Once you go down, eish, my broer coming back is a mission and a half. When the new season begins, we will be in the elite league,  yet again..

Today we played as a team and luckily, a bit of luck was on our side. We have been playing well but lacked that killer-punch but today we were lucky as well, besides the fact that we always strive to do well. The past 3 or 4 games could have come our way in terms of victory, eish we have had no luck my bra. I hope the boys run like this with a bit of luck, in the last 2 games. We cannot afford to go down.
I think it will be unfair for me to avoid the question of current technical staff. Our coach,  Craig Rossley is a motivator that we needed all along. He is like a mentor to our boys,  they want to play for him. He appreciates their efforts, he respects us as the supporters as well and that is what we have been lacking here at Swallows. Most of the past coaches lacked that. He has so far done well in that department.
I think going forward the team must start investing in the young blood. Our current crop is mostly comprised of well-travelled, seasoned and old players so the mix-zone will help the young ones to gell in with ease, provided they are signed and utilised.
We must invest in the young blood. We must also consider the Youths Development.

Lastly, my friend, I must talk about our team management. I am not happy about how they are running the team,  do they even care about the team? I hope we avoid relegation so that someone who cares can take over. I love this team and seeing it in this situation makes me cry’. Mandla ‘Spikiri’ is the most active Birds supporter who feels betrayed when his beloved team does not do well.

Philly Sebola, Dobsonville stadium.

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