FIFA Man charged with corruption

FIFA Man charged with corruption

chagerdJack Warner appearing on the US Department of Justice list is another blow for one of Fifa’s most got-at ex-officials. He denies wrongdoing, and he’s been consistent on that. Last year he called bribery allegations “press foolishness” – a repeat of 2010’s “BBC foolishness”, 2013’s speculation over his political future: “You asked me once and I said that is foolishness. I will say again, that is foolishness”; and 2012’s early rumours of an FBI inquiry: “It’s damn foolishness … I will sue to the high heavens … It will be court after court after court.”

Attorney General Lynch says indictments suggest Fifa corruption “rampant, systemic, and deep-rooted both abroad and here in the US”.

Warner set up his own newspaper in Trinidad in 2013 to counter what he called years of “unholy”, “dirty” press smears. He said at the launch: “Truth, when crushed to the ground, will always rise … A new weekly newspaper shall be launched Sunshine Newspaperbringing new hope to your lives.”

Article:Madoda Ntuli

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