Amatuks New Kit 2015/16

Amatuks New Kit 2015/16
Glenwin Ntusi/Daily Morning

Glenwin Ntusi/Daily Morning

The University of Pretoria Football Club (“AmaTuks”) unveiled their 2015/2016 playing jersey and new signings at the official season launch held at the University of
Pretoria Hatfield Campus on Tuesday 21 July 2015.

This is the attitude that want all involved with AmaTuks to have as we look forward to the 2015/16 Season. It is my embedded belief that we can be better than what
2014/15 threw at us. By now we ought to have identified our weaknesses and strengths, and know the  opportunities and threats ahead of us. As I stand here this afternoon, I am confident that, indeed, we hold the future in our own. The future is ours to shape the way we want.

Take it from me, I want a successful future for this team, and I hope you will join me in looking forward to ensure that we can achieve the results that we want and deserve.
Gentlemen, may I encourage you to work hard and tirelessly as you prepare for the first match of the
season as if it is the only match that counts. We are going to support and wish you well from the
word go. All we ask in return is your commitment and desire to be as good as you can be from the
first match until the end of the season. To Coach Sammy and Coach Selaotse and the rest of the
Technical Team, we commit to this journey with you.

The University, sponsors, partners, students,staff, and all our supporters will accompany you all the way. As Madiba has extolled of all of us, “It is all in your hands.” I repeat again the thought I began with: “What the future holds and who holds the future” will be the difference-maker. If you believe that you hold the future in your own hands, this team will be competitive and successful”.
Dr Mulaudzi also urged everyone to support the student team as they begin the defence of their
varsity football tournament title on Thursday 23 July 2015 against TUT Pretoria. “We use lighter and more flexible material with will allow the players to look smarter and also play smarter.

There are aspects of the shirt that can never be improved on, such as the stripe.
We went a step further and used the stripe on more areas of the shirt which worked out quite
well. Players and supporters alike can truly wear their stripes with pride;” said Umbro brand
manager Tristan Karakashian

Article:Madoda Ntuli

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