Kinnah Phiri, We missed Sekola

Kinnah Phiri, We missed Sekola

Kinnah_Phiri1Phiri said last night after loosing 4-0 to Kaizer Chiefs ” I cant blame the players , is a game of football, chiefs kept the ball very well, they have  good players, we lost positions, this is a young team we have  they lost some players last season and we have recruited most of our players  from NFD but  , in life you start bad,  when time goes on, things start to shape up again, we will continue fight

“We are not a team that buys top players,we nurture them, and give them a chance to play, introducing young players  shows that the team has future, we know that teams are chasing points, we will get there” Phiri said

Article:Madoda Ntuli

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