Shakes Mashaba, I’m not a quitter

Shakes Mashaba,  I’m not a quitter
Sabelo Masinga

Madoda Ntuli

Isn’t much that we can say but bravo to our players they played very well, against good side, we can only hope that they take this win forward to our next game, it was very unfortunate thing for us about things that have been said in the media, negative reporting after losing against Mauritania, only one guy on TV was sport on unlike other TV and radio reports. This game came as a motivation, things we did at training came out today I’m not a quitter that is why I had to go and buy a new jacket to look young and happening. ”

Friendly matches , according to us there’s consistency, we lose some and we win some, we so which this can be taken to our next game some radio station went too personal and my kids asked me why I went there to degrade myself, I’m  not going to SAFA today  going but   to the malls, that’s where I get a solace, people talk to me in different way” conclude Mashaba

Article:Madoda Ntuli

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