Angry Muhsin want Passion from his players at all time

Angry Muhsin  want Passion from his players at all time

MBesuma vs MahamutsaThere’s no excuses for playing draw, were unorganized, may be is because we are number 1 on the league gives us pressure, we played double strikers and we spoke about it during half time.

Pirates were unlucky to today not to score second goal and win 2-1 but our goalkeeper did well to save the team.”

The defence were all good but we can’t expect them to be good if midfield are not playing good. Football is about zonal, we spoke about this the whole week. Second half was good but disappeared, it’s unacceptable not in this level

Mbesuma will be one of top goal scorers this season, we do individual trainings, he is box player if he can’t score he lays balls to other players, he doesn’t lose the ball at all , we knew how pirates were going to play , going forward our two midfielders need to help us . Ioose rather lose games than playing good football the FIFA break caused some us our momentum, we need to play competitive football each week, and we are targeting 40 points this season.

Article:Madoda Ntuli


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