Tokyo sexwale, FIFA is not broken but administration is damaged

Tokyo sexwale,  FIFA is not broken but administration is damaged
Madoda Ntuli

Madoda Ntuli

Im a footballer said African candidate for FIFA presidency Tokyo sexwale

Tokyo a member of FIFA for the past 9 years, begin his campaign at home to be a first time African man to run for FIFA presidency. Tokyo left the country to Caf headquarters to meet with stand in FIFA and Café president Issa in Cairo.

“ I have been approached by many people to put my name forward for FIFA presidency, I had to come back home first to get blessings and my home is here at SAFA house, I’m grateful to have been afforded this opportunity to be a FIFA president candidate by my own people.”

I would like to thank them for believing in me. FIFA as an organization is damaged, this an organization of a beautiful game we all love. Money has tracks and footprints but people failed to follow footprints that lead to corruption that was not happening at FIFA house  but outside.

Tokyo also said that corruption has damaged the image of FIFA as a brand.

“Whenever I went wearing FIFA Jacket people wouldn’t search me, but today is a shame to wear it. And that’s what I want to restore if I become FIFA president next year, I know it is going to be tough but im ready. Concluded Tokyo

Article:Madoda Ntuli

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