Final whistle verdict: Lifting upwards

Final whistle verdict: Lifting upwards

PedroConsidering he had no strikers at his disposal Guus Hiddink was pleased with the chances we created as well as the defensive solidity we displayed when Man United attacked.

It was by no means a drab 0-0 as both teams had a number of excellent chances to break the deadlock, United’s falling mostly before the break and ours after it. The woodwork, both goalkeepers and some poor finishing combined to ensure an end-to-end encounter remained goalless.

Guus Hiddink was content with the outcome and even more so the further signs of recovery he felt his team showed…

‘Tactically it was okay, defensively we were well organised,’ said the manager.

‘We didn’t have full power to hurt Man U – as everyone knows we have some problems in the striker position due to suspension and injuries so we had to think how to solve that problem.

Hazard has done it before and he is capable of doing it because he’s a very versatile player. I’m pleased because we had some good opportunities in the second half. Man U pressed although they didn’t create a lot of chances.

‘The two best chances were tremendous saves from the goalies, De Gea and Courtois. So no win but we have to consider the situation where Chelsea were and are.’

The Blues are now undefeated in three league games and have climbed to 14th in the table
‘The players have experienced a very bad half year. They have to lift it up and that’s what we have talked about in the locker room. Everyone is convinced we couldn’t go on on the same path and we have shown that in the last three games.

‘It’s normal to see the character and desire of the players but they have shown a lot ambition in the last three games. That’s what we are asking and automatically when everyone is on board hopefully then we can use the quality of the players as well.

‘I would have been more worried if there was a lack of confidence or ambition but I don’t see that at the moment in this team.’

Hiddink gave an update on Cesc Fabregas’s condition and Oscar and Eden Hazard’s too after the heavy challenges they were on the end of
Fabregas has a temperature and we will see how he is the day after tomorrow. Oscar is okay and so is Hazard who also got some whacks.’

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