SAFA President leads delegation to Tovey residence

SAFA President leads delegation to Tovey residence
Madoda Ntuli

Madoda Ntuli

SAFA President Dr Danny Jordaan on Wednesday, 2 November 2016 led a delegation comprising most of the KZN SAFA leadership to go and see Technical Director Neil Tovey who is recovering from debilitating heart attack.

Tovey who is the SAFA TD suffered a heart attack on Sunday, 16 October while taking a routine exercise and was rushed to hospital where he was placed in an intensive care unit.

His unbelievable recovery from the attack has been described by all and sundry as a miracle.

“We are glad to see you in this condition; your recovery has been remarkable. We never thought we would be talking to you and you welcoming us like this so early. This has been like a miracle in motion and I want to thank everyone from your wife, family and everyone for standing by you in your hour of need,” remarked SAFA President.

Dr Jordaan who was flanked by most of the SAFA leadership from the KZN Province then briefed Tovey about the latest football issues including developments at SAFA and nationally.

“Don’t worry about returning to work urgently, everything is in order. Take your time, don’t rush things, we want you to fully recover and be in great condition. That is what we want from you,” added Dr Jordaan.

An emotional Tovey said he was touched by such a gesture in which the SAFA President and entire KZN SAFA leadership paid him a visit to see his recovery process.

“I want to thank everyone for great support especially the SAFA President, his executive, the SAFA office and the South African public. I was not in good condition when the ordeal happened but through your goodwill and prayers I am here with you. The support has been amazing,” said Tovey.

The former Bafana Bafana captain said he was also thankful of the sport he played in the past as having helped him in this remarkable recovery.

“Even my Doctor was amazed at how fast I pulled through but my wife has really helped me through all this. She is strict and has requested me to stay away from any demanding schedules including the sports I love,” he laughed.

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