SAB Set To Empower Grassroots Match Officials & Administrators

The South African Breweries’ commitment to grassroots football development has been elevated to new heights. As sponsors of the country’s largest grassroots football development league in partnership with SAFA, the new edition of the SAB League Skills Camp was launched.

The SAB League Skills Camp is set to take place at University of Pretoria’s High Performance Centre in Pretoria and will see coaches, match officials and league coordinators across the 52 SAFA Regions attending a weeklong course where they will be accredited with qualifications within their respective areas.

Under the auspices of highly esteemed FIFA & SAFA instructors, a total of 30 Match Officials chosen from some of the most remote areas in the country will take part in a SAFA Level 4 Match Official Course.

To ensure the smooth operation of the SAB League, all 52 SAFA regional secretaries will also form part of the Skills Camp for an in-depth course of Sports Administration to improve the operations of the league.

SAB’s Economic Development Manager, Octavius Phukubye emphasized SAB’s commitment to football development ahead of the groundbreaking initiative.

”Our sponsorship of the SAB League has been elevated to new and even more impactful heights. Our approach in recent times has been for us to holistically develop players, coaches, match officials and administrators of the league. This is to ensure that the difference that we make in football development goes beyond the 90 minutes of a soccer pitch but reaches further into our communities and beyond,” said Phukubye.

More than 15 years since it’s sponsorship of the SAB League in 2000, SAB has been the proud pioneers of grassroots football development – spearheading the largest grassroots development league on the continent that boasts over 30 000 players participating on a weekly basis across the country.

”The SAB League plays a significant role in SAFA’s mandate of football development in pursue of our vision for 2022. We value the wonderful relationship we have developed with our lifetime partners and thank them for the great work that they are doing for football development” said SAFA CEO, Mr. Dennis Mumble.

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