The Jeonbuk forward happily broke ranks in the tunnel to hug the Club America No7. When asked post-match if the hug was just a case of two Brazilians enjoying a moment of saudades – that powerful word used widely in Portugal and Brazil to describe a strong feeling of nostalgia or a longing for an absence – the striker laughed and explained in an exclusive interview with

“Through a series of coincidences I met William for the first time back in May this year,” he said. “I was in Brazil, staying at my place. I went to the gym in my building and there William was, training. I’ve owned my place for two years and I’d never ever seen him there. It turns out he’s lived in the same building as me for the past two years. He’s my neighbour!”

The absence of home is something Edu has had to endure for some time, having lived away from Brazil in a career that has taken him through Europe and much of Asia. “I’ve played in Korea, China and Japan. It’s been an amazing opportunity to experience Asian football,” he said, “People have always received me so warmly. Today, even at 35, I am still given the opportunity to play football here and I still have the desire to play. I’m really grateful for that.”