George Leekens, face his former employees Tunisia tonight

George Leekens (Head Coach, Algeria)

It will be a special match and the two teams will each be hoping to win. I have good memories of Tunisia (I was their coach at the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea), but in football there are no friends. This is like any other match, but very special for the two teams. I hope that the best team wins and hopefully, it will be Algeria.

Tunisia has a good team with great players. I know the qualities and weaknesses of my team.

Henryk Kasperczak (Head Coach, Tunisia)

The two teams had difficulties in their first matches. Matches between the two teams are always open. It won’t be an easy match and we will do what is important to take the three points at stake. The two teams have great players playing in big leagues and big clubs. The two are considered favourites in the group, but one drew (Algeria) and the other (Tunisia) lost in their opening matches. If we win, it will be put us in a good position to reach the next stage and we will work towards that. We have to make the most of the opportunities, because you can only win matches by scoring goals.

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