Hugo Broos, I have never had a team like this before

I’m very happy and so are the players. I hope this is not a dream. Ghana is good team, and experienced than us. It is a good thing for this generation. Ghana relies on the vertical passes, usually from the two central midfielders and two central defenders, and we had to avoid them doing that. We scored at the good moment. The most important thing was that the team followed the tactical instructions.

In my 29 years of coaching, I have never had a team like this. This is a team of 23 friends and I have seen something like this.
I’m aware Egypt beat Cameroon in the final in 2008, but we will do our best to win this time. It is a unique occasion for my team and reaching the final inspires us the more. Fourteen (14) of them are playing in the Africa Cup of Nations for the first time, and they are motivated. Nobody believed in the team to reach this far.

Egypt has more experience but the motivation will be more from team. If we can do like we did in the last three games, I think we can be close.

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