Baxter blast fans and Journalist for being Negative

Bafana Bafana coach criticize  Journalist and football fans

“We have this feeling in South Africa that it’s better to be negative than it is to be positive. I’ve got a feeling that no matter how long I work here‚ that’s not going to change. I’m thinking that is there any point?

“I’ve just come back and the final question is should I be sacked or when are you going to take responsibility for the things that go wrong. I take responsibility for when things go wrong but do you take responsibility for that sort of comment? If we’re in the business of looking at ourselves‚ it’s like me walking into an operating theatre and telling the brain surgeon I think you should do that‚ that and that. Do you take responsibility for that if that fella dies? I walk away then having no responsibility for anything.” – Stuart Baxter

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