All three 2019 Sbonis’iDiski Top Footballers Receive Training with Chelsea FC and Pirates FC MDC Contract

Going into the  Sbonis’iDiski scouting and finals week not many eyes may have been looking at the Northern Cape, but it’s clear the sport has had a huge impact on the province.

Of the 11 000 hopefuls that turned out throughout the entire 2019  Sbonis’iDiski program, 4 of the 25 players selected to attend finals week came from the Northern Cape – specifically three of them from Kimberly! This speaks volumes of the not only the love and passion the city has for the beautiful game but the tremendous talent the Northern Cape possesses – rivaling some of the other regions.

To top of the region’s performance, in a last minute twist with Shield, Chelsea FC and Orlando Pirates FC announcing that all three of the top-performing players would receive training opportunity with Chelsea FC as well as a one-year Orlando Pirates FC MDC contract, we also learnt that two of three winners are from the Northern Cape.

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