Samir Nurković, I want to give my best to help the team

The Serbian striker joined Kaizer Chiefs early in July from KFC Komárno, a Slovak football team. He is one of four players signed during the current transfer window.

“I appreciate the warm welcome I received when I arrived at Kaizer Chiefs. I really like being here and look forward to doing well for the team,” said  Samir Nurković

The 27-year-old striker was born in Tutin and that is where his interest in sport started. “Tutin is a small town in the south of Serbia,” he confirms. How I started playing football is a very long story but will try to cut it short. As a young boy, I played basketball for a year. At that time football was a very popular sport in my city. After a year of playing basketball, I changed my mind about the sport. I was nine when I started playing football.

“I then moved to the capital city, Belgrade. I joined the academy of the famous Partizan Belgrade. At school there was one school teacher who believed I would break into professional ranks as a player. I did not believe it much because there has never been anyone who played any professional sport in my family. I really did not know I would go this far in my career. My mother though always told me I would become a good footballer, adds Nurković.

He signed his first professional contract when he was eighteen years old. He played for FC VSS Košice which is a Slovak football club based in Košice. On his debut match in Slovakia, he scored after five minutes of play. He says he was still young, so that moment remains an unforgettable moment in his career.

“I was brought up at one of the best academies, Partizan Belgrade,”. “It truly is one of the best academies in the world, I think it is in the top 10 of the best academies. I learnt a lot there. One of the lessons was learning that my strength is in movement and scoring, the coaches taught me that at Partizan.” Samir told KC website

The Serb says he first heard about South African football in 2010 because Serbia played in the World Cup. “I was amazed by the beauty of the stadiums.”

On how his move to Chiefs came about, he says: “The call came just after the end of the previous season in Slovakia. My agent called and said Chiefs was interested in my services. He told me one great team in South Africa is interested. I didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. I think it took me about the 10 min to accept the offer.”

This was his first time in South Africa. “I was amazed when I arrived at the Chiefs Village. We have all what it is required for professional football. It is amazing. The support we get is another exciting and unbelievable aspect here. The peace sign fascinates me, and I look forward to contributing in making the supporters happy.”

He says his mother could not believe him when he told her that he was moving to Mzansi but told her that football moves you to where your career moves you.

“I want to give my best to help the team and looking forward to my first official match for Chiefs,” he says in conclusion as he looks forward to the new season starting on Sunday against Highlands Park in Tembisa.

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