Juventus destroy Barca

Juventus destroy Barca
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Barcelona ended the Champions League group stage in embarrassing fashion and found a way to not finish in first place in Group G thanks to a 3-0 loss to Juventus at Camp Nou. Barça were destroyed from the start, looked toothless with the ball and gave away bad goals, proving they are simply not good enough to win big games under Ronald Koeman

Juventus completely dominated the first half from the start, using their 3-5-2 formation to their advantage and tormenting Barça with their width, moving the ball quickly from side to side and pressing high when losing it. Cristiano Ronaldo and Álvaro Morata vacated space in the box and came up short to the the ball, with runners from midfield bringing constant danger to the Barça defense.

Juve scored early and did it twice: first it was Ronaldo who won and scored a somewhat controversial penalty, then Weston McKennie found himself all alone inside the box to score a great volley and double the visitors’ lead. Despite the two-goal deficit, Barça showed absolutely zero creativity or purpose to go forward and create chances, with a pair of weak shot by Lionel Messi that were easily grabbed by Gianluigi Buffon being the only highlights of Barça’s attacking output.

At halftime, Juve were running circles around a very bad Barça team, that needed plenty of adjustments to even try and compete in the second half.

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