He was ever smiling, Ntseki on Madisha

Ntseki said he was still trying to come to terms with the news, more so in the aftermath of former Bafana defender Anele Ngcongca’s equally heart-breaking death.

“It is so devastating for such an up-and-coming player to lose his life this way. They don’t come more professional like the late Madisha. He was ever smiling, humble and was the first to arrive and leave the training ground, hence is rising star status,’’ said a sombre Ntseki.

Ntseki recalled that Madisha was one of those players who had passed through all age groups until he graduated into Bafana Bafana where he was a pivotal member of the team attempting to reach both the AFCON and FIFA World Cup tournaments.

‘’He was a rising star with the right attitude and his positive attitude among other players was always invaluable.

‘’This is sad for football. To his family, club and football fraternity in general, we are gutted and devastated; my deepest condolences. We are hurt but hope his spirit will be a driving force to our attempts to reach the AFCON and FIFA World Cup tournaments,’’ added Ntseki

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