Motlanthe, It’s not my place to speak for him

” Why are we recycling as football. Why are former members always bashing SAFA from outside but when they were inside everything is fine. Why don’t they give others a chance. What is there we don’t know”

“My challenge is can we get young people being involved there. Can we get people who want to lead football, not talk in the corners, but be involved in the structures. Let’s embrace their help, because it doesn’t help to recycle in football”

“People must ask the President why he wants to stand for another term. It’s not my place to speak for him. But if you ask me about elections, I have my own views about how the statutes must be amended. We must move away from doing it before the elections”

Source – SAFA CEO Advocate Tebogo Motlanthe on #SAFMSportOn…/safa-ceo-tebogo-motlanthe-spoke-to-us…

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